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Making the Most of Your Emergency Scan ID

Now that you have created your Emergency Scan ID here are some useful options, some paid and some complimentary, for ensuring Vital Information in Seconds is available when needed.

ID Cards


We can customise an ID Card to suit individuals or organisations. Your choice of design or supply us your logo and we will create a branded solution. This is the most popular choice for ensuring your Emergency Scan ID is quickly accessed in an Emergency.

Decal Labels : Retrofit to Existing ID Cards and other applications


Durable and Weather proof, comes in sheet of Two (2) Emergency Scan ID's. Suitable for individuals to apply to existing ID Cards or Groups with existing ID Cards who do not want to print a new batch.

Group Emergency Summary Sheets for Quick Access


These are provided free of charge with every Group Account. Also Applicable to Family Accounts. Ensures that you will always have the latest updated information of those in your care at your fingertips.

Downloadable JPEG of your Emergency Scan ID


This is available free of charge with every Individual Account and can be retrofitted as required to your own unique solutions.

Mobile App for easy updating from All Mobile Devices


This handy App enables Admin of Group Accounts and Individuals to log in and update in Real Time. So Convenient and Efficient. Also includes practical first aid information and other useful Tips. This Mobile App will work on all Smart Phones: iPhone, blackberry, windows etc as well as tablet devices including iPad.

Patent Pending - 201190303211.