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Who loads the information?

Parents have full control over the information provided. In some cases this maybe loaded by others, for example - child's teacher, sports coach but in all cases the source of the personal information is always the parent and they must give permission to the level of disclosure. Vital personal details can be entered into a secure portal of the account and accessed via password, however some details are required for Emergency Scan ID to be effective such as Name and Emergency Contact (ICE). 

Who owns the information?

Parents / or You (if over 18)

Can I have the "code" without ordering a Card?

Yes - simply click "retrofit" option and you will be sent two (2) labels which can be retrofited, for example, any existing card, Bus Pass, BagTag,Lunch Box or Sports Bag.

How secure is my personal information ?

Our servers use encryption to ensure your personal information is safe from others accessing via the Internet. However, Emergency Action Plan information should be information the parent is comfortable for anyone to see and have access to eg: name, ICE contacts / what to do in an emergency. All other personal and medical information can be stored within the password protected folder of your  Emergency Scan ID account and accessed once you have given the Login should emergency services / hospitals need the information in an Emergency situation.

What if it gets lost, then anyone can have access to my childs details!

The information on the front of the card will only give positive identification (photo), the card holders name, In Case of Emergency contact (ICE) and alert to any Allergies or Pre Existing Chronic Illness.  Inside the Scan  Code the emergency action plan carries no personal details only under " view full profile" which needs to be accessed via Login / Password.

How do you access the information?

Easy access - down load a QR Reader App (free)  to any iPhone or 'smartphone'. If no phone is available then type in the URL to any internet browser for instant access.

There are so many Emergency Information 'type' products, why is this different?

Emergency Scan ID compliments all other types of products. Something is definately better than nothing at all in an Emergency situation, however instant access is the most important point and no other product offers "Vital Information in Seconds"

How do we link it to my sons local sports club?

Inside your profile which is accessible via login - direct your profile to the sports club.

How can l try the system?

Simple -  create and activate a FREE account. 

Is the card FREE ?

The Emergency Scan ID code is free and can be printed off for use as needed, however - you require the card or 'retrofit' stickers these can be ordered under 'products'. 

Do you offer discounts?

YES  - we believe our product will save lives and will benefit the whole community. Discounts are available for Sports Groups, Schools, Childcare Centres and Families. For any further discounts please Contact Us. 

I want my child's school to have this?

Simply talk with your school or nominate them via the website - Contact Us